Senior Software Engineer

10 years experience in C,C++ development


As an expert, I analyze, quantify and develop computer products for embedded systems or office automation applications. I also develop means to ensure the process development (management of sources, production procedure).


Diploma of Scientific Calculation Engineer

Specialised in scientific calculation (numeric simulation and physical phenomena), awarded by the Superior School of Computer Sciences,Sophia Antipolis, France.

Professional experience

2010 - present
Alcatel-Lucent,Software Engineer

For OmniPCX Office(PBX) Release 810, I specified and developed web services. They are aimed to trigger telephonic events and control a telephone set. These web services are used by other application to supervise a phone for instance.

2009 - 2010
Alcatel-Lucent,Software Engineer Architect

For OmniPCX Office(PBX) Release 800 was planned to work on a new hardware platform. To insure the software compatibility with this new hardware, I participated with a team in adapting the complete software architecture from X86 to PowerCPU. At the same time, I studied and demonstrated that hard realtime Linux patchs (rt linux) are not necessary to meet the requirement of the product.

2007 - 2008
Alcatel-Lucent, Expert Software Engineer

As Linux Flash Driver Expert, I improved an existing flash driver from "data light" to conform it to the specification. Alcatel-Lucent saved one euro per system sold.

2003 - 2007
Alcatel, Validation Support Engineer

I provided last level support for OmniPCX Office products. During that same period, I was in charge to develop an anomaly report system for that same product.

August 02 to present
Alcatel, Development and Support Engineer

Analysis, quantification, development, implementation of an anomalies signal system (PABX) on numeric lines (ISDN). Subsequently, I provided support for this service and communication protocols between telephone commuters (PABX) and configuration and supervision applications.

2001 - 20021 year 5 month
Dernière Nouvelles d'Alsace, Software Engineer

Analysis, design and development of an application for the the formatting of a local newspaper (Dernières Nouvelles D'Alsace). It is a C language application on Windows NT which interfaces with the Enterprise information system. I also maintained and improved the newspaper's supervision application.

2000 - 20011 year 5 month
Alcatel, Software Engineer

Development of an updating module for the radio part of the ADSL modem. Library port on ADSL modem, Feasibility of an ADSL wireless 802.11b modem.

1997 - 19992 years 2 month
Alcatel, Software Engineer

Evironment port of debug (CA-DUL) to RTAI (real time environment for Linux). Development in C- language of drivers on Windows NT5 to drive a compression / decompression video card in accordance with the MPEG2 norm. Supervision of trainee in the development of a user interface.

1995 - 19966 months
CEMEF, End of study internship

End of study internship at CEMEF (Laboratory of the prestigious Paris "Ecole des mines"): study and simulation in FORTRAN of the deformation of materials at high speed.


Database :

sqlite, Access

Language :

C, C++

Version management :

cvs, Subversion, ClearCase unix(client),Clear Project, Clear Quest

Internet :


OS :

Windows, Linux, Sun, Xenomai

Other :
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