XSD2CPP is a set of xsl templates that generates C++ classes from a XSD description. It's also called a data binding tool as it transforms a formal data description into usable C++ code.

There is a ambrion of code that parses the CSTA phase III soap description. The aim of this part is to generate stubs that inherit gsoap structures. The new stub will implement new data encode and decoding functions in order to shrink the size of the messages that a exchanged. Thus an initial implementation based on gsoap can be easily upgraded to use another encoding/decoding mechanims that will use lesser bandwith.


SmartASN1 is a new generation ASN1 parser. Its flexlibility offers you the ability to write your own transformation rules for a given ASN.1 document. Given an Asn1 file and a xsl stylesheet, the SmartAsn1 parser will generate the code according to the rules described in the xsl stylesheet.

Using SmartAsn.1 not only gives you the power of an existing transformation tool but it also opens the possibility to write your own encoding rules for your language, ibraries and your application.

The compiler also integrates a small asn1 library that handles the encoding and decoding of the basic types. This library is used by CSTAInsight a CSTA protocol analyzer program.


CstaInsight Application Main windowsThis program is specialized in analyzing the CSTA flow captured with tcpdump or wireshark. The user interface presents the flow in a sequence diagram. This diagram can easely be analysed by any end user who is developping CTI application.

The Application runs on Mac OSX 10.7 and above. It's also able to make a basic analysis of the SIP protocol.

This tool will save you a lot of money and time if you plan to implement an application based on those protocols.

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