Senior Software Engineer

Married 2 children

Company : ALE International

Specialized in C/C++ development

Studies / Projects
  • Emergency Virtual Number Management in OmniPCX Office R11
  • Qualified sqlite for an embedded Instant Messaging service that supports 200 users.
  • Flash driver enhancement
  • Web reverse proxy comparison
  • Encapsulation of binary flow in http chunks
  • OmniPCX Office feature improvements
News Events
  • Web Socket proxy server.
  • Developped a small application on Mac that monitors web sites (Based on wxWidget 3.0).
  • Second child (a boy) born 27 april 2013
  • Employed by Alcatel-Lucent since 1 April 2012
  • I worked for Alcatel Lucent as a sub-contractor
  • I maintain a remote server (from dedibox) for an association
OmniPCX Office R10

Working on OmniPCX Office at Alcatel Lucent

  • Reworked production chain. Saved 90% production time compared to the previous production chaine.
  • Preparing OmniPCX Office R10 (IM services)
  • Preparing MyICMobile dual mode feature
  • Web Service Development ICE 1.0
  • HTTP Chunk Event Managment
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